Search Engine Optimization for Accountants

Search Engines are your accounting firm’s visibility to not only your local market, but to the world. Is your website properly optimized to drive your ideal client to it?
Just because a website is live doesn’t mean its necessarily visible to the masses. Sure, people can find it online if you give them the direct web address, and over a long period of time it will very slowly move up the rankings. 

Without an active SEO strategy, your website will unlikely move up the rankings in a timely fashion, and if it does it will never rise high enough someone to find it.

To drive visibility, traffic, business inquires, and to start getting ranked high enough so get people looking for your services online, a Search Engine Optimization strategy is required.
Search Engines have algorithms. It’s these algorithms analyze, crawl, and determine how relevant website content is to the searcher. To achieve this, there are “rankings factors” that search engines look at to make this determination. 

There are many factors; some are well known, and others are not. By optimizing a website based these ranking factors, plus creating high quality content around the keywords (search phrases) your customers are searching SEO will accelerate the speed at which your website pages get ranked.
Search Engine Optimization

Our 4 Step Strategy

AmberSky Marketing provides you with a simple yet efffective 4 step strategy to help the frim attract more recurring business advisory clients.

By getting the firm in front of businesses looking for business advisory services on Google, we can target very specific clients that need to your advisory serivces.

Targeted Keywords

We research keywords that are related to businesses looking for business advisory services. Our research includes analyzing keywords that have we know we can rank for along with keywords that have high volume but are easy to rank for.

Keyword Optimization

Once our keyword research has been completed and we indenitfy the keywords that will attract business advisory clients, we begin work on optimization your website to rank for those keywords.

 Website Updates

Our team works on your website to esnure it's properly updated to align with the business clients you want to attract. We also update your Google Business Profile so that it best represnts your firm and attracts local business clients.

Off-Site SEO Strategy

By positioning your firm and website as an authority within your market we can help attract 

Personalized Consultations:

We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our dedicated account managers provide personalized consultations, ensuring that your marketing strategy aligns seamlessly with your firm's goals and values.

SEO Pricing 


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1 Town
(Estimated 50k-200,000k population)
$800.00 USD



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