Who is AmberSky Marketing?

We're a web and Search Engine Optimization agency helping accounting firms attract more recurring CAS clients.

Our Story

Born from a passion for helping others grow their business online, AmberSky Marketing Ltd. was founded in 2018. The agency started out focused on building websites, before eventually adding online marketing services to support our growing list of clients. We've come along way since our humble beginnings, but one thing remains the same...Ensuring our clients are being supported and looked after.

Over the years, we’ve worked within many different industries, only to shift our focus solely on helping accounting firms thrive online. Our flagship solution is an SEO strategy tailored to helping firms attract highly profitable, easier to manage recurring CAS clients so they can ditch the time sucking, high volume, low profit tax returns. We also build high quality websites for accounting firms so they can  have an online presence that separates them from their competition.

What Drives Us

We're driven to help accounting firms thrive online.


Our mission is simple...We strive to deliver accounting firms a healthy ROI from thier online marketing investment.


Transparency, timely communication, and ensuring that every firm we work with is being supported and looked after. 
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